Today is the Word Refugee Day and Kito Onlus wants to express its solidarity to those people all over the word who are seeking for shelter and a decent life and to all those people who are fleeing from cruel wars, guerrillas, repressions, calamities and poverty.

Nowadays, the United Nation High Committee for Refugees assists about 50.650.000 people: Africa and Middle East regions are the most affected regions with respectively 16.000.000 and 13.000.000 among refugees, displaced people and asylum seekers.

If all these forcibly displaced worldwide people were a nation, they would make up the 24th largest in the world.

This tragic phenomenon has inevitably consequences on Europe: in 2015, some 15.000 people arrived in Italy and last week, in 48 hours, some 2.800 migrants had been rescued in the Sicily Channel, as the International Organisation for Migrations states.

Moreover, “in Italy and Malta alone, some 10.000 unaccompanied and separated children have arrived this year during the first nine months of the year” UNHCR reports.

When desperate, people abandon everything they possessed. This is an extremely hard and risky choice, the only possible when you have to choose between the struggle for life and certain death.

Bassam, from Syria, interviewed by the UNHCR testified: “We didn’t choose to be refugees, put our life in danger, especially with my young boy, I love him so much. When I decided to bring him, risk his life, it is because there was a strong reason to do that. I wouldn’t have left our country if me and my family weren’t at risk of being killed any day.”

Despite “the Central Mediterranean Sea Initiative seeks to strengthen cooperation with relevant stakeholders, including the European Commission, the European Asylum Support Office, Frontex, EU Member States, the International Maritime Organization, the International Organization for Migration, civil society and other partners” many efforts toward an efficacy engagement are still required.

For this reason, every step we take forward in the fighting of prejudices and the recognition of universal rights is extremely important.

epa03978201 New arrivals of Syrian refugees cross from the east of Jordan border with Syria near Royashed Town, Jordan, 05 December 2013. Syrians fleeing violence in their country continue to cross into Jordan every day in search of safety. Most are exhausted and desperately in need of help.  EPA/JAMAL NASRALLAH

Last modified: 20/06/2015