“No one should have to choose between death and financial hardship”, says Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of WHO, the World Health Organization. Still, even today, many people have to face this choice when it comes to take a decision about an health issue. In the world, half of the population cannot access basilar health services and health costs may be so high to push 100 million people into poverty. The WHO, based on the principle that every person should be able to realize their right to the highest level of health possible, takes advantage of the World Health Day in order to remind us that everyone should be able to access essential quality health services without incurring in too high financial obstacles. The theme of this year is “Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere” and the slogan is “Health for all”. Since it is acknowledged that it is possible to guarantee health for all thanks to a strong political will, the WHO calls upon world leaders to take the necessary steps in order to reach or maintain the standards of universal health coverage, including investments in the sanitary workforce and organization of services in accordance to community’s needs.

Investing in health does not only imply a better individual health, but it also favors the society as a whole, since it protects from epidemics, reduces poverty, hunger and social inequality. This is why the health sector is so important in the activity of Kito Onlus. Among the projects related to health there are the Kito Health Unit, a mobile health center located in the Philippines, and the Kito Health Center, a permanent one also located in the Philippines – you can read here about the latest info concerning these projects. And in occasion of the World Health Day Kito Onlus wants to remark its committment to support #healthforall.



Last modified: 28/12/2019