Today, October 16, we celebrate World Food Day, promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The official event takes place in Rome, at FAO’s headquarters, and hosts G7 Agriculture Ministers and Pope Francis. The theme of this year’s World Food Day is “Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development“. How migrations, food security and rural development interconnect is easily explained in this Fao’s video: in today’s world millions of people are forced to abandon their home because of poverty, hunger, climate change and conflicts. In such circumstances, migration is the only choice for those who want to survive, even though it should be nothing but a free choice. If the pain derived from the necessity of running away from home cannot be imagined – as Khadi Khun explains in his story, collected by FAO together with many other migrants’ stories – the dramatic effects of migrations sometimes go beyond imagination. Alan Kurdi, the syrian child drowned in front of Bodrum costs in Turkey and whose image shocked the world in 2015, has become a symbol of the tragedy of migrations. Today Pope Francis donated a sculpture representing Alan as a gift to the Onu, so that no one forgets that “in the world today there are 740 millions of migrants, a number higher than ever before. They represent a challenge we are required to face in a proper and fair way” (translation from this article). How? Indeed, investing in food security and in rural development and by honoring climate agreements. Only then migration can become an opportunity to spread knowledge and skills around the world, favouring economic growth.

Food Day is also an occasion to reflect upon our daily habits. It is estimated that we lose 1 euro per day because of food waste, while more than one million of people in the world can rely on only 1 dollar per day to survive.

An important committment you may untertake in order to support sustainable development consists in sustaining Kito Onlus. Some activities of the organization directly concern nutrition (for instance, read more about the feeding programs activated by Kito Onlus in the Barangay Sagayad in San Fernando la Union here), but all of our projects are designed in such a way that the ultimate objective is the promotion of resilience, development and welfare of filipino communities.


Last modified: 28/12/2019