DSC_0373Hi  everyone!

We have been so busy these days! We would like to make you part of our latest projects and let you know what is up: first of all, you might remember our photography contest SMILE, on this regard we want you to know we have very much appreciated your support and all the pics you have sent! We are glad to declare a winner and show all the pictures on October 18th! Stay tuned you don’t want to miss out on the winner!

Second of all, as you know the Cooperation Day here in Padua has been postponed due to the bad weather. However, the Cooperation Day will take place on October 20th, and we will most certainly be there, so come to show us some of your support! Check our website or follow us on twitter for the latest info!

Last but definitely not least, the main concern these days is picking out a Filipino city to benefit of our mobile unit Kito-Heath. The choice is just so hard to make because we want to make sure that the candidate we finally designate is just the one that needs it the most.

Last modified: 02/10/2013