DSC00226 (800x600)After more than a week since KITO Onlus’ president Paola came back from the Philippines, we are continuously updated about the progress of our projects from our staff in the field.

As for the city of San Francisco, Camotes Islands, to whom we donated our Emergency Fund, lots of great news have come to us!

First of all, the building material for the reconstruction of the school has been bought and has now arrived to the community, so that the rebuilding process has started! Moreover, some building material has been donated to the parents of the students who have finished their assignments, in order to help them with the reconstruction of their own houses too. Finally, the “Two Million Trees Project” is going ahead as well and its coordinator is implementing it by adding assignments for the mangrove reforestation.

vaccine_3Let’s now move to the city of San Fernando La Uniòn where our KITO-HEALTH unit is in perfect working conditions. This coming Friday the first round of health training provided by KITO will start and involve volunteers from the Barangays of Sagayad, Narra Este, Narra Oeste and Santiago Sur. As for the unit itself, right in these days the children of the community have had measles vaccines at the KITO-HEALTH.

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Last modified: 26/02/2014