ImmagineDear friends,

There are many ways a follower can contribute to Kito’s projects, some of which do not involve spending money. So, if you are committed to Kito’s values but you are not willing to give any funds to our organization, we would like to suggest another thing you could donate: your time.

We are not asking you to volunteer neither at our headquarters nor in the field. You do not even need to stand up from your computer: stay seated, follow these instructions and click on the link at the bottom of this post. You will be redirected to the WeGive platform, where you will be asked to register using your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account or your email address. Look for Kito Onlus among the different organizations (at the moment we are on the seventh page), click on the “donate” button and watch the suggested commercial. It will take less than a minute. At the end of it (you need to watch the full video, do not close the page until it is completely over!), you can go back to your normal activities. A sponsor will make a donation to Kito Onlus for every commercial you watch. Yes, contributing to our projects is that simple!

You can also download the free WeGive App on Apple Store or on Play Store, so you would be able to donate whenever you want and wherever you are.

Think about Kito Onlus at your next break: watch a video on WeGive and contribute to create long-lasting development and resilience in the Philippines!


Last modified: 02/07/2014