Last Saturday, the meeting “WE: PEOPLE, PLACES AND AGENDA OF PADUA EUROPEAN VOLUNTEERING CAPITAL 2020” was held, organized to celebrate the handover of European capitals on December 9th.

Throughout the morning, various actors, engaged both in the preparatory work and in the implementation of the activities planned for the coming year, intervened in the discussion.

First, there was the intervention of the Deputy Mayor of Padua, Arturo Lorenzoni, who underlined the need to show the best soul of the city and the growing path in the commitment to solidarity that it has seen in recent years, especially thanks to the participation of the youngest.

To follow, Guido Barbieri of the Cariparo Foundation talked about how in this new year it is crucial to listen to the voice of smaller volunteer organizations and not just to the large ones.

The Mayor of Padua, Sergio Giordani, intervened to thank the volunteers, emphasizing how this award has been obtained thanks to everyone’s contribution and showing the banner entrusted by the previous capital, Kosice, to Padua: an icon of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, patron saint of charity devoted to the poorest.

Cristina Piva, Council Member for Volunteering, instead wanted to focus her intervention on the need to reinforce trust in people as a springboard for new community developments.

Finally, the President and the Director of CSV, Emanuele Alecci and Niccolò Gennaro spoke, highlighting Padova Capitale as a great opportunity to help mend the country through the values ​​that volunteering promotes.

We at Kito want to participate in this mission, and that is why we will be Ambassadors of Padua Capital of Volunteering 2020.

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