The oriental part of Mindoro island, Philippines, was directly hit by Typhoon Nona (click here to read an article about). According to an article published by Ripple on January 7th, infrastructures, houses, agriculture, livestock, fisheries and crops were severely damaged in Oriental Mindoro, for an amount of P4billion. The Provincial Government promptly handed out a number of poor reliefs packs, but it still is not clear if the more peripheral barangays have already obtained access to electricity, for instance the ones of Pinamalayan. This town of Pinamalayan  is composed by 8 urban barangays and 29 rural ones, and after the typhoon suffered of severe floods that caused landfalls. The situation still is very critical for the zone. In the Municipality of Pinamalayan, 15.886 families and 66.341 individuals were affected, while 10.428 households were totally damaged and 4.098 partially. Normandy L. Miraflor, a teacher and volunteer living in the town of Pinamalayan, stresses is that help is absolutely needed. The following pictures were taken by him after the event, as testimony. Kito Onlus is evaluating a strategy to act in the interested area.

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Last modified: 12/01/2016