R4DHi everyone! Just mentioning a nice video of Research for Development Institute (R4D), a research organization focused on a better transparency for better results in health and education. Kito Onlus supports R4D’s initiatives and projects.

Local organizations are ubiquitous and bristling with ideas to engage citizens in holding their governments accountable for promises made on access to healthcare and education. A project of Results for Development Institute, the Transparency & Accountability Program (TAP) serves local organizations who work to collect data on public spending and public services and share that information with their community so that they can collectively advocate to improve accountability and raise the quality of public services today and tomorrow. In this video, R4D staff and board members explain the thinking behind TAP and combine with voices from the three short-form documentaries released this month that will become part of the TAP participants’ advocacy work in their own communities.

Last modified: 02/08/2013