Kito Onlus staff keeps on training the Philippines’ inhabitants on topics related to nutrition and Disaster Risk Reduction, being this one of the countries most affected by climate change and therefore environmental disasters.


While on August lectures were mainly focused on the Food Pyramid, Recommended Daily Consumption and Recycling, from September Kito Onlus has been pursuing a campaign about sanitation. In this occasion, Kito Onlus, City ENRO and Barangay Health Worker Volunteers have worked side by side, giving lectures on health topics and sponsoring health checks. Among many others, one of the most treated topics has been breastfeeding, since pregnant women have been one of the main targets of this campaign. Thus, they are receiving free prenatal check-ups and immunizations. Moreover, medicines have been distributed freely.

All these initiatives are promoted as close as possible to the local population, usually taking place in the Barangays, to reach also who otherwise could not participate.

Eventually, it is with great pleasure that Kito Onlus shares the goals it is reaching. In fact, according to data collected over last year, a first important step has been done in the prevention of dengue: while on the last September dengue’s cases arrived at an amount of 84 affected people, this year the figure plummeted to 21, just after a prevention campaign about dengue had been completed by Kito Onlus.


Last modified: 28/10/2015