DSC_0224The situation in the Philippines has not changed drastically after the super typhoon Haiyan stroke the country.

Good morning followers! Today is exactly three months since the Philippines have been heavily hit by what is considered the strongest storm ever making landfall and leaving devastation throughout the whole country. Since Yolanda typhoon occurred the lives of the Filipino inhabitants are not the same anymore.

As a matter of fact, even if during the last months lots of humanitarian organizations and aids have reached the country from the whole world, not all the areas of the Philippines have been restored yet. For this reason KITO Onlus established a partnership with the organization ICLEI South East Asia in order to know from a closer perspective which areas and cities needed more support than others and therefore whom to donate its contributions.

Now that the emergency has been “solved” for what concerns the immediate help, such as supplying the population with food, survival goods and medical treatments, the long term rehabilitation must become the priority of every intervention.

It is now fundamental to bring people back to their ordinary life in an independent way. For these reasons, KITO launched two projects focusing not only on the rehabilitation of the environment but also employing the local people in the public infrastructure rebuilding (see our projects in San Francisco!) in order to give them resilience after the devastation they suffered.

It is only through a long term program that we can hope to provide the Filipinos with a better disaster preparedness and hopefully to guarantee them a higher stability.

Last modified: 07/02/2014