The topic of the new trainings in San Fernando La Union concerned very sensitive topics: sexually transmitted diseases, birth control and complementary feeding.

First, City Health Office representative, Madame Josephine, listed and explained all the sexually transmitted diseases and then she focused on condom with a theoretical and practical demonstration.

Our groups of participants were entirely composed by women; young ones left the training during the practical demonstration of the use of condoms because of their deep religiosity.


Nurse Jennifer tackled the topic of birth control, outlining the main methods of contraception, starting from the natural ones, to the artificial ones, both reversible and irreversible. She also highlighted advantages and disadvantages of all of them.

To conclude, Jennifer dealt with the subject of complementary feeding by reviewing the concept of food pyramid.

In order to sum up the new acquired knowledge, an individual test has been proposed and corrected in groups.

At the end of the trainings, the Barangay midwife measured participants’ blood pressure.


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Last modified: 27/04/2015