OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAccording to the Declaration and Programme of the United Nations GA, (October 6th, 1999) “Education is one of the principal means to build a culture of peace. In this context Human rights education is of particular importance“.

Hence there is a quite strong connection between human rights, peace and education. Respect of human rights brings peace, peace safeguards the continuity of education, and education ensures the spread and the knowledge of the inalienable human rights all around the world.

But when something goes wrong, for example in case of natural disasters or violent conflicts, the majority of population has to stop its everyday life to face the emergency. What is even more tragic is that often children are those who suffer more: schools close, and sometimes they have to take up arms; in other words they suddenly lost their future!

Ensuring continuity to education should be crucial for any organization’s agenda, because without education there is no development and without development there are only hunger, poverty and wars.

That is the reason why Kito Onlus strives hard to guarantee continuity and serenity to these children in emergencies situation: education’s power is what we believe in!

Last modified: 28/05/2013