Kito Onlus President came back from the Philippines, were she went for the second Kito Onlus mission of the year, just a few days ago. During her stay, she had the occasion of meeting up with ICLEI in Manila, which is an important partner of our Association, and interesting perspectives for a renewed collaboration have been discussed.

IMG_9303 (1)

She also visited Cebu and San Francisco-Camotes Islands. In fact, it was in this last spot that a welcome ceremony was setting up for her (click here), and where a new Health Center will be built. Indeed, Kito Onlus decided to invest Chiesa Valdese last donation in this new project, and Barangay Esperanza dedicated a space of 8.000 mq where the relocation spot for Tulang Diot inhabitants and the medical center will be placed.

IMG-20151204-WA0001 (1)

Kito Onlus is very excited for the starting of this new adventure!

Last modified: 14/12/2015