Its name is Melor, but it is commonly known as Nona in the Philippines. It is the last typhoon that hit the Asian archipelago, making landfall in Northern Samar on December, 14th. It is not the first time Philippines are hit by a typhoon in this period of the year, but what makes this event rare is that traditionally November and December are the beginning of the dry season. Since the number of such events has increased in the last years, it would be automatic to think that this is nothing else than an effect of climate change.

So, since they are always potentially and unpredictably in danger, the Philippines are improving their disaster management system, in order to be able to act quickly and efficiently in the evacuation and rescue operations (read this article).

Once again, the most interested area has been Northern Samar. In fact 724,839 people had been evacuated before typhoon Nona’s arrival, but the number of casualties still is uncertain. What is sure is that the Philippines’ inhabitants’ lives are constantly at stake.

Nona Typhoon

Last modified: 16/12/2015