blackboard in fiji islands

Do you remember your first day of school? Highly educated teachers, modern buildings, new books, etc.

In developing countries things are not so easy: sometimes school is far away from home (or even in another village), sometimes books are not available or they cost too much, sometimes teachers are just older people who never received a certificate or a diploma for teaching, buildings are often non-buildings and schools can be a courtyard or, in the luckiest of the cases, a very small room inside a church without respecting any living standard regarding aeration, light and safety. Kito Onlus wants to give just a “normal” first day of school to these children and make it one of the most important of their life.

In our small world, today is a key day for our new office assistant Federica. This is her first day of work at Kito Onlus and we all want to welcome her and wish her good luck in this experience. We are really thrilled to have her with us!

As stated in the first post, Federica will follow this blog and update you on the advances of our project, all the most impressive and interesting international news related to education and healthcare in emergency, together with some children’s stories from all around the developing world!

In the meanwhile, enjoy our Facebook page and discover how you can help us building Kito-School with a donation!

Last modified: 07/05/2013