sudanDear Followers,

The 3th of November our President, Paola Vecchiato, has been hosted by the Architect Osman El Kehir (ARC-PEACE Organization) at the Sweden House, in the International Park of Khartoum (Sudan), to describe her professional experience in the field of rebuilding and restoration in the emergency contests, and in particular to present the activities of Kito Onlus.

Professionals, delegates of UN agencies, NGOs and the Italian Cooperation attended the event, and an interesting discussion took place on the possibility to use Kito HUT in Sudan as a mobile center for refugees at the borders with South Sudan and Eritrea. Indeed, the Kito HUT has specific characteristics that makes it particularly suitable for this task:  it can be moved easily and quickly to different entrance spots without need of land authorization and any supplementary supports, like electricity, external buildings etc., since it is completely auto-sustainable.

According to the UN Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) the trafficking and abduction of asylum-seekers and refugees, as well as the continuous arrival of unaccompanied children, remain one of the major concerns specially in the East of Sudan. The refugees from Eritrea and Ethiopia have sought asylum for the last 40 years due to human rights abuse or forced conscription in their countries of origin. The country is also experiencing the problem of Sudanese internally displaced persons (IDPs) who moved within Sudan to escape fighting in Darfur, and of South Sudanese individuals who are at risk of statelessness.

Last modified: 05/11/2014