IMG_0391Dear friends,

The wellness of the women, especially of the future mothers, is always at the centre of the activities done in our Kito-Health Unit in San Fernando. During the last three months, 49 women had the possibility to have access to regular prenatal check-ups, thanks to the presence of fetal monitors and a licensed midwife on standby, and 12 new mothers benefited from the post-partum medical examinations.

After the typhoon Haiyan in November 2013, there has been what the World Health Organization has called a “Post-disaster baby boom“, with a substantial raise of the birth rate especially between the young women: there is a huge need of health policies targeted in particular for women and children in order to face this new phenomenon. For this reason it’s fundamental that the Kito Unit, thanks to your donations, keep to assure this kind of services to the community of San Fernando, with a particular attention to the theme of maternity and family planning, in order to guarantee the best possible conditions for the health of the women and the newborns!

Last modified: 05/10/2014