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June 12th: Independence Day in the Philippines

Today is the National Independence Day in the Philippines. Each year on the 12th of June Filipinos remember and celebrate the Declaration of Independence from Spain in 1898. But first, let’s go back in time and learn more about Philippines’ history. The islands were discovered by Europeans during the circumnavigation of the globe conducted by …

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Labor day: paying homage to all humanitarian workers

The idea of ​​celebrating Labor Day on May 1st was launched during the Second International congress that met in Paris in July 1889. Indeed, the intention was to commemorate the Haymarket Uprising that took place 3 years earlier in Chicago. During this uprising, a general strike was called across the United States to reduce the …

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Humanitarian response to Coronavirus: 3 important reccomendations

The Coronavirus outbreak around the world is touching also the humanitarian and aid sector. For this reason, a few days ago, the Sphere movement released a four-page document guiding all humanitarian workers through the Coronavirus response by referring to relevant parts of the Sphere Handbook. The Sphere movement was started in 1997 by a group …

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Funds raised and budget allocation in 2019

This year too, Kito Onlus wants to share with its supporters and donors the 2019 financial analysis, showing how funds were raised and how the budget was allocated so that they can clearly evaluate our work. In 2019, we gathered 52.872,88 €, 77% of which represents the contribution of the Waldensian Church, which proves that …

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Annual Report 2019 – Kito Onlus’ activities!

2019 was a very positive year for Kito Onlus and it allowed a further consolidation of the Association both at an organizational and at an operational level. As the report at the link shows, the Association reached great achievements this year, carrying on its activities in the Philippines and in Italy as well. In 2019, the …

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