This summer Kito Onlus’ activities in the Barangay Sagayad of San Fernando La Union haven’t stopped. The positive trends registered by the Kito Health Unit during past months (we talked about it in this article) do continue and moreover, together with the Barangay Officials and the Barangay Health Worker Volunteers (BHWV) new programs and initiatives have been developed.

On July 27 an anti-bullying campaign was organized, in partnership with the Philippine National Police and the Sagayad Elementary School, in order to promote situation awareness and to teach children how to deal with such an issue. The latter is in fact widespread in the Philippines, with about 31 cases reported every day.

Another serious problem faced by the country is that of malnutrition: in the Barangay Sagayad 7 children are severely malnourished. Thus Kito Onlus has decided to partner with the Barangay Council of Sagayad with the aim of leading a daily feeding program, from Tuesday to Friday, for these children’s parents. Families are thought the basics of a correct alimentation and provided with meals containing rice, meat, vegetables, powdered vitamins and healthy drinks. The program will conclude by the end of the year and the weight of the children will be constantly monitored.

Again in this field, Kito Onlus has also organized feeding programs for day care children. Some of them are underweight, therefore their weight needs to be monitored day by day. The program is already showing positive results and it will go on.

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campagna-anti-bullismoAnti-bullying campaign

feeding-programFeeding program

Last modified: 12/09/2016