The Health, Hygiene and Prevention Trainings in barangay Sagayad (San Fernando, La Union) have been successfully accomplished and our objective has been achieved: our intern Alessandra with the help of nurse Jennifer involved 80 people during the trainings and at the end she distributed the “Emergency Hygiene Kits” (a 4 lt. basket ccontaining bath soap for personal use, laundry soap, toothpaste and four toothbrushes).

The great majority of the participants were women; there were only 1 men out of the 80 participants. Of the participants, the age range was very diverse, with 28 participants younger than 30, 22 between the age of 31 and 40, and 29 older than 40 years old.

The great majority of participants (58/80) had less than 4 children. Only 10 had 4, and another 10 had more than 4.

We spottedEducation level that the rate of unemployment among women is extremely high in barangay Sagayad because 72% of our participants are unemployed even though they are in work-force age and most of them have attended at least high school.

On the positive side, all of our participants have availability of electricity and running water in their homes, and all of them have either a drainage system of septic tanks.

All participants are aware of the cyclic natural disasters that hit the area periodically, and they get their information from television of radio announcements. Nevertheless, only 36 people out of all the participants had emergency kits at home before participating to the training. At the end of the trainings, emergency hygiene kits have been distributed to all of them, contributing to a better resilience and an improvement of hygiene levels during and after natural hazards.

We consider our intervention extremely important because awareness on the importance of a good hygiene is fundamental in preventing diseases, namely in case of emergency.
Kito Onlus is glad and satisfied of the results, which have been possible only thanks to our supporters and the high degree of enthusiasm of our participants.

So, let’s say it in the local language: salamat! Thank you all!

Last modified: 11/06/2015