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Did you know Filipino specialists also treat dental problems at Kito-Health center in San Fernando?

In the Philippines dental care is generally delivered by private practitioners, so the majority of people pay for such services out-of-pocket. The oral health status of Filipino children is particularly alarming and tooth decay affects both baby and permanent teeth. For decades dental care has not been considered as an urgent priority by the government, international agencies, lawmakers, communities, families and individuals in terms of both financial support and human resources for health. Only in 2003 the Department of Health formulated the National Policy on Oral Health for the implementation of a comprehensive strategy.

Encouraging Filipino communities to take care of their personal oral health is an important step to enhance their quality of life. Every week many people come to Kito-Health to see a dentist, who treats cases of dental pain and performs tooth extractions. Yes, that hurts! However, do you remember when you were a child and you were excited to lose one of your baby teeth? In different countries baby teeth are left on the windshield, under the pillow, in a glass of water on the nightstand, thrown over the roof or buried in the ground. Children wait for the Tooth Fairy, for the Tooth Rat or for an Elf who donates them some money or makes their wishes come true. What’s the tooth tradition in your country?

Last modified: 14/05/2014