As you may already know if you have been following us on our social networks, Kito Onlus’s President Paola Vecchiato was on a mission in the Philippines from the 18th to the 29th of June 2016 to monitor the works in progress of the San Francisco’s Health Center, in the Camotes Islands. During her stay Paola had the chance to discuss and work with some of the local actors involved in the project; among them, Monique Piquero, Chief of the Disaster Risk Reduction Unit in San Francisco, Gary Muana, Operations and Warning Officer in the same unit, Marcelo Roslinda, engineer of the local construction firm YES Construction (in charge of the health center’s construction works) and the vice mayor Al Arquillano.

Indeed the progresses are remarkable, and doors, windows and and the roof have been built!

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Our Health Center aims at being an example of green building. The structure is in fact designed, built and managed in a sustainable and efficient manner. Construction materials are purchased locally, in order to spare the energy and the resources that would be necessary to transport them to the building site. As a green building the health center interacts with the surrounding habitat in a positive way because the site’s integrity and natural characteristics have been preserved. Moreover, it’s the Barangay’s community itself that takes part to the construction works – for instance, women and girls were in charge of working the bamboo that was then used for the facades.

All of this is a practical representation of the philosophy and the way of working of Kito Onlus: it entails giving the local population the opportunity of working and gaining money for the single individual and his/her family while starting to develop a sense of ownership towards the project, that is something more than just using it as a beneficiary once it’s done.

To conclude, we want to point out once again that this project wouldn’t be possibile without the contribution of the funds Otto Per Mille of the Waldesian Evangelical Church.

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Last modified: 12/07/2016