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The Philippines government has declared the state of national calamity and rescuers are facing highly critical conditions. Streets and means of communication are completely blocked, which dampers the operations, whilst rescuers and volunteers race to bring aid as fast as possible. The situation worsens every minute.

The greatest issue to address is the contagion of various diseases: since the population does not dispose of a shelter, sanitary conditions are despicable and precarious, and every kind of disease is easily spread among the population at alarming speed. Our fundraising campaign EMERGENCY PHILIPPINES will help buying and sending immunizations and medicines, directly to the regions affected, in order to contain the emergency and bring relief.

San Francisco, municipality belonging to Camotes Islands archipelago (Province of Cebu) and in the heart of the hit region, has also required a Mobile Unit Kito-Health through its Mayor Aly A. Arquillano. Kito Onlus’ campaign is thus aimed to sending medical aid and one Mobile Unit for emergencies to San Francisco, granting a long-lasting medical assistance to the population during the reconstruction phase. We are already in touch with the local government thanks to our partner organization ICLEI-Southeast Asia which is coordinating field operations and assistance in the region struck by the typhoon.

We are asking therefore all our supporters a help for the immediate purchase of medical material to be employed in San Francisco. We want to provide the city and its inhabitant with a medical centre purposely built for this sort of emergency.

To contribute, make a donation quoting “Emergency Philippines Fund”!
Name of the Bank: Sparkasse – Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano Spa
Address of the Bank: Via XX Settembre 9, 35100 Padova (Italy)
Account No.: 138 5000127-5
IBAN: IT25F0604512101000005000127

The population has finally started realizing there is a need for a more sustainable way of dealing with these events, as well as a need of training and organization to recover every time after a typhoon strikes. The thing is, they need to know how to get up again after such disruptive events, as well as how to get ready and reduce the impact of such calamities. So the San Francisco lunched campaigns to promote awareness and training in a program of Risk Reduction. They are building resilience by empowering people and  creating local and practical solutions to achieve Disaster Risk Reduction and Management objectives. And here is where we come in the scene with emergency medical material and one Kito-Health going into the field as soon as possible!

Last modified: 16/11/2013