Several campaigns took place in San Fernando La Union in October, most of which related to Typhoon Lando which hit the Philippines during that month.

First of all, Kito Onlus decided to participate to and promote Rescue and Clearing activities, together with Barangays Officials and residents of the interested parts of the city. Since various houses had been destroyed by the calamity, it was decided to provide residents with temporary roofing materials. Moreover, relief good were handed out to the needy people.

In order to make roads accessible, clearing operations were taken on. In fact, mud and other materials were removed, and vehicles were finally able to pass through.

typhoon lando1

When these activities ended up, Kito Onlus found appropriate to launch a feeding campaign. As we know, food scarcity can be particularly severe during a natural disaster. The campaign was mainly targeted to children: nutritive food was provided to the participants.

Children were also the main target of our Oral Hygiene and Hand-washing trainings, which were divided into two modules. During the two meetings, a total of 45 students were involved, and it was shown to them how to properly brush their teeth and wash their hands. The environment was playful but, as they demonstrated at the end of each day, the goal was reached and they got what Kito taught them!


Last modified: 23/11/2015