heres-what-typhoon-haiyan-means-for-the-philippine-economyHello followers!

Great news for Kito Onlus this week!

First, we can finally announce that Kito-Health is on its way to the Philippines! You are going to receive regular updates about the mobile unit position. We will soon release a video showing the beginning of its journey and its arrival at destination. In this regard we would like to thank the two ship captains for their kind welcome and for warming us with hot coffee during the shooting of the video! Kito-Health will be in San Fernando, La Unión for Christmas as a present for its inhabitants!

Second, we are glad to announce that Kito Onlus President has been elected member of the Board of Directors for Peace, Human Rights and International Cooperation, which represents the nonprofit sector in front of the Municipality of Padova. Thanks to this important charge, Kito Onlus will increase its visibility within the NGO community and will be able to raise awareness of its cause.

Last but not least, Kito Onlus is planning plenty of coming events for Christmas! The Forum Wellness Club of Padua suggested to host a Kito Onlus stand to promote the organization. In the stand it will be possible to make free donations and to buy different products: traditional Filipino handicraft objects made by Red Rope and Kultura, the Kito Onlus 2014 Calendar and bottles of sparkling wine and a delicious chocolate and wine cream from BornToWine. There will also be the chance to taste these incredible products during two degustation evenings! Needless to say that all the money collected will be added to our EMERGENCY FUND for San Francisco in the Camotes Islands.

Keep following us to get more details about Kito-Health travel and our events!

Last modified: 27/11/2013