10462587_765353090182695_2280155820380057895_nDear followers,

Kito Onlus is happy to share with you another great achievement!

Last week the entire community of San Francisco, Camotes Islands, contributed to the greening of the city by participating in the Two Million Trees program, partially financed by Kito Onlus. Indeed, our “Cash for Work” project includes activities of coastal clean-up and mangrove reforestation to enhance environmental sustainability, providing the community with a cleaner and safer place to live.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), a fifth of the world’s mangrove ecosystems have been lost since 1980, mainly because of shrimp farming, which accounted for approximately a quarter of the destruction of mangrove forests. In the last few years many efforts have been made to save mangroves from eradication since their benefits become more widely known. Indeed, mangroves provide a strong barrier against tsunamis and cyclones. Concerning San Francisco, mangroves served as wave breaker and as barriers against the wind during typhoon Haiyan. Thus, the 9000 saplings that have just been planted will contribute to reduce the vulnerability of the city, making it more resilient to future natural disasters.

Good job San Francisco!

Last modified: 04/07/2014