After the super typhoon Haiyan, the Filipino population is coming together for a united response. They are mobilizing every resource to face what has been defined the worst natural disaster ever recalled by human memory.

As more than 6,000,000 people are now dead,  the issue is now the huge amount of internal displaced people (almost 4,000,000) that do not have a place to go, neither food nor assistance. We are working towards a good management of the post-trauma situation, and towards a quick reduction of the emergency: KITO HEALTH will soon be in place in San Fernando La Union as a medical and first aid centre, to improve life quality of the Filipino population after the worst disaster they have ever gone through. The international community is gathering funds as never before. As the typhoon Haiyan has passed over to Vietnam in these days, the Filipino territory is completely to reconstruct: schools, hospitals and homes are to rebuild. It will take long before everything gets back to normal, but the path is now becoming clear.

Last modified: 14/12/2013