COP21 started on the 30th of November, in Paris. The country, which is still under a state-of-emergency-regime due to the terroristic attacks of the 13th of the same month, does not allow people to manifest and aggregate in public spaces. Although the limitation of liberties is ongoing, very interesting initiatives have been implemented in order for people to demonstrate the importance of this meeting. In fact, while several manifestations took place all over the world, thousands of shoes were laid out to symbolize the march in Paris, which was called off for security concerns.


Shoes-march in Paris

At the same time, the street artist JR, gave a face to protesters by projecting his video, named The Standing March, on the Assemble Nationale on Sunday and Monday. The public artwork, realized with the collaboration of Darren Aronofsky, aimed to remind leaders that the world is watching as they gather to negotiate a deal aimed at keeping global warming below 2C.


The Standing March

Instead, a real march came from Yeb Sano, the COP19-Filipino delegation’s leader, who amazed the world with his speech during that conference (read here). As we said in our previous article (look here), he built an international environmental group for reaching Paris from Rome by feet, with the purpose of attracting even more attention to the topic.

To conclude, while global leaders are presenting their political responses to climate change and environmental pressures, people are trying to spread their voice and to raise awareness by using creative ways.

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