Today Padova will officially be honoured with the title of European Volunteering Capital 2020 during the closing ceremony of the year of Kosice, European volunteering capital during 2019.

Risultati immagini per padova capitale del volontariato

Our city received this award one year ago, being the first Italian city to get such an important recognition. Amongst the reasons for this choice, it is claimed that “Padova shows specific and multiple examples of how to support and encourage volunteers from different groups and sectors, besides hosting a wide range of volunteering organizations. Further, it pays special attention to the social inclusion and the well-being of vulnerable people by means of voluntary work”.

In order to develop the 2020 foreseen activities, 7 working groups have been identified, composed of representatives of the Third Sector, Institutions, economic categories, Universities, research and training agencies, trade unions and the media at local and national level.

Kito is proud to take part to the 7th working group, devoted to the areas of Peace, international cooperation and human rights.

Indeed, we strongly believe in volunteering, and especially, in international volunteering as a means for creating a bridge between different populations, and for showing solidarity among individuals at the universal level. Not surprisingly in 2015 the UN General Assembly approved the 70/129 resolution, “Integrating volunteering into peace and development”, recognizing voluntary work as a key element for peacebuilding and for development promotion, as well as praising “the positive contributions of national and international volunteers in conflict prevention and peacebuilding”, and reaffirming “the importance of integrating volunteering into peacebuilding and conflict-prevention activities, as appropriate, to build social cohesion and solidarity”.

We hope that this year the opportunities for making the world a better place will be multiplied and that more and more people will be motivated to engage in the stimulating and enriching reality of volunteering at its multiple levels.

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