ScreenHunter_73 May. 17 19.01Sometimes a child, whatever his age is, maybe 15, 12 or just 9, is able to better understand the true meaning of life. Give a look to the video on the left just by clicking on the image!

Children have dreams, hopes and illusion; they can imagine and fantasize about the future; they are strong!

But some children are even stronger than others… They are children without a house, without parents, and without resources; children who have experienced the brutality of a war or a natural disaster, a hurricane, an earthquake or a flood; they have nothing but the hope and their dreams of child.

Sometimes is true, the future is already written; but other times we have a possibility to change it…

In our own small way, with our project, we have the willingness to change the destiny of many of those children who lost everything and everyone. We can give them the possibility to receive a proper education, grow up with confidence and awareness and, most important, we can make them architects of their own future!

Support us and discover how to get involved in our projects!

Last modified: 17/05/2013