bambini guerraAt this moment, somewhere in the world, a child is handling a bazooka.

By the way, unfortunately, official documents of major international institutions and the newspapers from all around the word speak about  continued and grave violations of children’s rights, especially in wartime.

Actually, the recruitment of children into army, assessins and maiming of them represent kind a daily routine in many developing countries affected by bloody armed conflicts. Children are victims of landmines and unexploded ordnance, mortal and rocket-propelled grenade attacks as well as sexual violence and abduction.

Moreover, too often, schools and hospitals are the first targets of the enemy attacks and as a result of it, children are forced to interrupt their educational careers becoming therefore more vulnerable and likly to join the army as unique way to alleviate their poverty.

Ensuring the children with the opportunity to go to school help avoiding them to soil their hands with blood.

With Kito we can make a little step towards the realization of a world of peace: let’s give to the children the possibility to change their world and our world!

Last modified: 30/05/2013