First days of training for the nurses and obstetrician that will work in the newly built Rural Health Unit Satellite!

On the field providing the training there is Paolo Schiavon, by Informatici Senza Frontiere Onlus, arrived in the Camotes Islands to stay for 15 days of skills building for the Open Hospital Project, open source software thought to aid hospitals and medical facilities at large in the daily management of activities.

The first day it has been a moment for ice-breaking and to understand the previous level of knowledge and skills of the medical personnel.

Then, Schiavon started to show the functionalities of the software, explaining to the nurses how to insert patients data and register new visits. Next thing was to deepen the technicalities concerning medical issues and how to work with patients medical history and the international classification of diseases (ICD 10).

Last point of the day was the training on the job, moment in which nurses tried to have a first practical experience with the software, and by no doubts they handled it pretty well also in an autonomous way!


Here is Emily the nurse trying her best with Open Hospital, guided by Paolo Schiavon!

The second day the focus has been on the vaccines delivery methods and how to usefully exploit the possibilities of the software in this field. Then, together with local personnel, we spelled out a list of the most recurred vaccines in the Philippines to have a clearer picture of the actual situation and the practical applications in the management of vaccines.

Finally, the training turned to pharmaceutical matters and the organization of storage and supply, being it another side of the nurses duties. Schiavon made it present how much it is important to manage in an efficient way medicines and how the software can help in monitoring passing out dates and the administration of drugs. Things got in fact a bit complicated but the girls kept a positive attitude and learnt all of the necessary know-hows.


In the next days we will focus on lab exams data, setting up the LAN for back-up and how to install properly the software on other computers. We will keep up with the training in order to make the to-be-workers of the Kito Health Centre to master the use of the software and become highly skilled!

Let’s get to work!


Last modified: 07/12/2016