As the ones who follow us already know, it is going on the collaboration with ‘Informatici senza frontiere Onlus‘ (Informatics Without Borders) who have created Open Hospital, a software that has allowed San Francisco Kito Health Unit’s medical staff to handle all the activities of the center from January until now. Thanks to this efficient system, on one hand, Kito Onlus managed to monitor the activities of the hospital center remotely. And on the other hand, the healthcare staff, who had received a training course from ISF Volunteer Engineer Paolo Schiavon in 2016, left only positive feedbacks about the use of the software. Open Hospital has indeed simplified the work of the local staff, enabling them to register patients into an electronic register in which they are divided by gender, age and diagnosis, thus allowing to distinguish patients who go to the center for the first time and who, satisfied of the service received, return.
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Last modified: 19/05/2017