Today we want to share with you a project we have been working on for quite some time: “Open Hospital”. As some of you may already know, Kito Onlus is present in San Francisco, in the Camotes Islands, with the Kito Health Center for emergencies. Nevertheless, building a medical structure is not sufficient, indeed it is fundamental that its activities are carried on in a proper and efficient way, once the center is operative; this is why Kito Onlus decided to establish a partnership with Informatics Without Borders Onlus: thank to this collaboration the health center will be provided with a computer on which the software Open Hospital, developed by Informatics Without Borders, is going to be installed, and a 15 days training will be organized in order to provide the medical personell with the necessary abilities in order to use the software in a correct way.

Briefly, Open Hospital, able to function with very basic computers and without Internet connection, works as a medical record: it permits to register patients’ data in a simple and intuitive way and to create automatically an historical record, which the doctor can easily access at anytime. Moreover, it is possible to print the medical record in a PDF version: this may represent a useful reminder for the patient, and may be used in the course of communications with other health centers and hospitals. Open Hospital software is also able to register exams and vaccines, to keep under control the usage of pharmaceuticals and to facilitate the management of orders. Last but not least, thanks to this software it may be also possibile to collect data upon which to elaborate general reports and statistics useful to verify the efficiency of the health center and to develop action plans and prevention activities. If the project is successful, new functionalities, beyond the basic ones, might be developed depending on the needs of the health center.

In order to supervise the implementation of the project, members of the staff of both Kito Onlus and Informatics Without Borders Onlus will be present in San Francisco: follow us and we will tell you everything about their work there!

serena-filippineOur Project Assistant Serena working in San Francisco together with Ryan, member of the Municipality Staff. On the right, Serena with the Mayor of San Francisco, Aly Arquillano.

Last modified: 26/09/2016