lampedusa-tragedia-tf-epa-258Welcome back!

Today we feel very close to all those striving for a chance of survival in our own country: in Lampedusa dozens and dozens people are missing after an immigrant boat sank, in Italian waters, just off the shore.

We want to draw attention on this delicate issue because for the emergency is real not only because 82 people drowned (and hundreds are missing) – and the UN ships are still pulling others out of the waters – but also because those surviving are headed towards a near future of deprivation and needful life.

In the refugees camps most often there are no adequate sanitary structures nor recovery rooms, for these places are just too packed with people. It is important to keep in mind that most of those are kids and very young people, who need guidance and education not to end up on the streets.

In the Lampedusa administration are doing what they can, but more help would be possible with mobile structures like Kito-School and Kito-Health to improve the accessibility to first-aid cures and assistance, above all to children.


Last modified: 04/10/2013