Hi! This is Abby!

I started working with Kito Onlus at the beginning of March, but I had to prepare myself even before that date, because I felt it would be a great opportunity for me.

That is the reason why I started getting myself ready for this new mission where my task is to manage the implementation of the construction project of an health centre in San Francisco, a beautiful island close to home. I will also take care of the organization necessary to start off the training on resilient and anti-typhoon construction methods, which is directed to the local community. Fortunately, language barrier is not an issue for me as I speak the local dialect.

Settling in Camotes Islands made me fell confortable with the assurrance from one of the stakeholders offering a place to stay: it is where true Filipino hospitality is appreciated more.

At first it was not easy to connect with the local community: in fact people started asking me questions about myself, what I was going to do there, for how long I was going to stay etc… I never missed a day without these questions during my stay.

This new opportunity has been made possible by Kito in partnership with Waldesian Church. We are building a typhoon-prone resilient barangay health center.

When I arrived in my new home and new workplace, I went straight to the project site. My priority was to catch up with what has already been done and see the progress the construction company has already made.

Looking at all this, overwhelming feelings are flowing through my thoughts. Kito’s presence is benefiting the community by using skilled and local workers for construction coming from different puroks of the barangay.

Getting to know some of the workers, I learned that for every week, a group of 4-7 people coming from different puroks are sent to help in the construction. They do rotations weekly since there are 10 puroks covered by Brgy. Esperanza.


The active involment and partecipation of the community is very strong, by both men and women’s part.

Part of my job is to be coordinating closely to the stakeholders – staff from the LGU, RHU, and the community health team.

After the building will be constructed, more people will have easier access to their health care especially the children and women in the community.

Of course, this new expericence is not a walk in the park, obstacles are expected and difficulties are the order of the day; but I believe that, as long as constant open communication and open-mindedness are practiced, there’ll be no issues that cannot be solved.

Last modified: 09/05/2016