The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal had an impact on Kito Onlus, who decided to intervene as soon as possible joining ASF International (Architecture sans frontières International).
Kito Onlus wants to render assistance and professionalise, making available its experience in the field of reconstruction and humanitarian aid in case of natural hazard, acquired during these last years of intervention in this domain.
Kito Onlus is going to lead ad hoc projects, cooperating with ASF International and in collaboration with EWB (Engineers without borders) because Kito Onlus considers the impact of a coordinated network more effective and helpful.
As it previously did in the Philippines, Kito Onlus aims at leading “cash for work” projects, focusing its activities on environment rehabilitation and houses reconstruction.
Our network is already on work conducting an evaluation on the field.
In a little while, we will provide you more information keeping you posted.


Last modified: 05/05/2015