Screenshot_2014-02-09-14-19-47-1Hi followers!

The journey of our President Paola in the Philippines is almost over. As you probably know, she has spent this week in the city of San Fernando La Uniòn, where the official donation and opening of our KITO-HEALTH unit has finally taken place!

100 days after super typhoon Haiyan the effects are still tangible. However, thanks to the rapid intervention of the humanitarian organizations, the Filipino population has now got the right tools to face the emergencies!

As the KITO-HEALTH arrived in the city of San Fernando, thousands of people were already queuing for being seen for free by the doctors involved in our project. As you can imagine it is thanks to aid like ours that vulnerable Filipinos can start to overcome the traumas of Haiyan.

During its journey, KITO Onlus brought relief to another very damaged city in the Camotes Islands: San Francisco, where the typhoon stroke more heavily than anywhere else. We collected an emergency fund that we entirely dedicated to the community for buying building material for the reconstruction of a secondary school and for the implementation of the cash for work project for the reforestation of the land.

The Philippines is extremely thankful for the assistance received from the whole world and at the same time we are thankful to all the organizations like our that contributed to the resilience of Haiyan’s victims.

But, of course, many more things need to be done. Shera is now working hard in San Fernando to complete the design of a training curriculum which will start next week, targeting 12,000 people in the next 12 months. On the other side, the disaster risk reduction team of San Francisco has started the CfW project and the first bricks have been put down in the secondary school that Kito Onlus is helping.

Last modified: 16/02/2014