#TimesUp is an hashtag which is enjoying much popularity on social media these days and it is also the name of an organization founded by over 300 women of the show business and having the aim of paying the legal expenses of those women who decide to report the aggressions they were victims of, while also protecting them by the consequences of such a choice. The association aims also to be a pression group lobbying for laws that provide for penalties for the companies which tolerate sexual harassment and discrimination. Before #TimesUp, #MeToo as well had gained international popularity as a denunciation movement following the case of Harvey Weinstein, the producer accused of sexual harassment  by many women in Hollywood. Me Too became then a social movement which was entitled as “Person of the year” by the Time magazine.

Indeed the whole 2017 was marked by important moments for women’s rights and gender equality worldwide: from the women’s march on January 7, to the adoption of a domestic violence law in Kyrgyzstan on April 28, to the decree adopted on September 26 in Saudi Arabi to permit the women to drive. UN Women made a list of all the most remarkable dates here!

At the light of all of this, it seems a good opportunity to renew now Kito Onlus’ commitment towards women’s rights and gender equality.  The attention given by the organization to the feminine part of the population in the communities it works is a constant of its activity and it starts from the acknowledgement that women are in many Countries in a position of vulnerability, especially when they belong to certain economic levels. Here, for instance, we talked about how in the Philippines the poorest women are the most hit by climate change and at a higher risk of violence. Kito Onlus always tries to promote women’s social and economic emancipation, by giving them important roles in the development of the projects. It also pays particular attention to women from a sanitary point of view, by establishing programs for maternal health and family planning. These are all ways to put women in full control of their own lives.


Last modified: 28/12/2019