blogDear followers,

We know you are eager to learn more on our ongoing projects in the Philippines. However, today we are going to give you an insight on our activities in Padova, Italy, where the  HQ of Kito Onlus are located.

Last Saturday we attended a fantastic show organized by Gec Ballet, who played a revisited version of “The Betrothed”, the masterpiece written by Alessandro Manzoni. It was a pleasure to see this group of no-longer-young ladies acting, dancing and having fun on stage! The proceeds from the show will be donated to Kito Onlus, so we would like to thank the Gec Ballet and all the people who came along and donated funds for our cause!

Furthermore, to all our friends in Padova, we invite you to join us in our next event! On Friday 23rd May 2014 we are organizing a reception and a guided visit to the garden of Romiati Palace, usually closed to the public. Don’t miss out the opportunity to discover a secret corner of the city and support our projects in the Philippines to build long-lasting development and resilience!

Last modified: 21/05/2014