January has started off the right way in San Fernando, La Union. Our local staff has worked very hard to carry out numerous activities with the local population: an anti-mosquito campaign, a feeding program, a vitamin A and deworming program and – last but not least – dental check ups directed to the children of the local elementary school in barangay Sagayad, where the Kito Health Unit is located since 2014.

  • Anti-mosquito Campaign

Given the risk of dengue fever rising again in the City of San Fernando, La Union, the staff of Kito Health Unit in partnership with the City Health Office has conducted an anti-mosquito campaign to prevent this and other viruses from spreading. A regular community clean-up has been highly encouraged; moreover,  to prevent mosquitoes from entering the households, the installment of nets and screens has been suggested. Lastly,  relevant information about dengue was disseminated through flyers and house visits in the area. “Operation Tak-Tak” was also promoted during the house to house visit: stagnant water has been removed and water storage tanks have been covered, in order to avoid the laying of eggs by mosquitoes.


Kito staff lectures community members about the dangers carried by mosquitoes

Since summer is coming in the Philippines, proper water conservation has been promoted to the residents. Kito staff taught the community how to conserve water and how to re-use water for other purposes, avoiding at the same time the spreading of mosquitoes and dangerous diseases.

  • Feeding Program, Vitamin A and Deworming

Every other day, Kito Onlus has conducted a feeding program for day care students. Weight of each student is being monitored by the Kito Health Unit staff, in order to assess and eventually intervene in cases of  malnutrition.

Children waiting in line to be wighted at the Kito Health Unit

As the Department of Health  still promotes the deworming, Kito staff did a house to house distribution of deworming pills as well as vitamin A.

  • Dental Check-up

Lastly, the City Health Office in partnership with Kito Unit has decided to conduct a dental mission at Sagayad Elementary School, where Kito staff together with specialized staff has delivered a oral hygiene lecture, dental check ups, and it has handed out basic hygiene kits to the students of the elementary school.

We can therefore say that the new year has started off in a great way in barangay Sagayad, where the Kito Unit provides medical assistance to the population all year around, not only by providing a safe place for medical care, but also providing basic care to the community through campaigns such as the ones that have been delivered in January. Good job to all the Kito Health Unit staff in San Fernando!!

Last modified: 22/02/2016