The idea of ​​celebrating Labor Day on May 1st was launched during the Second International congress that met in Paris in July 1889. Indeed, the intention was to commemorate the Haymarket Uprising that took place 3 years earlier in Chicago. During this uprising, a general strike was called across the United States to reduce the working day to 8 hours.

Despite the harsh repression that these workers suffered (11 people died in the massacre), this day has become a symbol of the struggle for the rights of all workers.

Today we at Kito want to pay homage to all the men and women employed in humanitarian contexts and in international cooperation who strive every day to make the world a better place. These people belong to the most varied professions: they are architects, doctors and nurses, lawyers, designers, construction workers, psychologists, educators, human rights defenders, tailors, cooks, drivers … and the list does not end here!

If it is true that “united we stand, divided we fall”, the humanitarian work is a living example of this: it is indeed thanks to the contribution of all these actors that it is possible to provide concrete and useful support to the populations that need it most.

Happy Labor Day to all!

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