IMG-20140425-WA0002Kito Onlus is proud to have been formally accepted as a member of Architects Sans Frontières International (ASF-int) during the 2014 annual General Assembly (GA). The GA took place at the charming Library in the City Hall in Vienna last weekend (25th – 27th April).

The Austrian branch of ASF hosted the meeting and organized the Symposium Mutual Architecture in the Architekturzentrum Wien. Different topics were discussed throughout the following seminars: knowledge sharing; multidisciplinary collaboration; economic, sustainable and private benefit; and next steps to move forward.

Our President Paola presented Kito Onlus and its project in the Philippines during the Knowledge Exchange session. A debate followed and the participants hailed Kito Onlus as the only member that works in the disaster resilience and response. Indeed, Kito aims to raise the awareness of those populations that are often hit by natural disasters, in order to prepare them before the emergency and to support them during and after the calamity.

Below you can watch the video Kito’s President premiered at the Annual Meeting of ASF-Int.

During the following days, the GA approved the Activity Report 2013 compiled by the Board of Administration and elected the members and the auditors for the next period.

Thanks to the Member Organizations Speed Networking it was possible to meet all the members of ASF-int in an informal way. It has been a great occasion for Kito to present itself and to strike up future partnerships.

Finally, the GA revised the Proposed Activity Plan 2014-2016 drafted by the Board. The identified priorities can be summarized as follows:

  • to strengthen the network structure and capacity
  • to develop core focus of ASF
  • to develop a sustainable fundraising strategy
  • to improve communication

Kito will continue to be an active member of ASF-int and it is pleased to be part of this interactive knowledge-sharing platform.


Last modified: 29/04/2014