Kito Onlus is currently developing its projects in 3 different areas of the Philippines.

The Kito Health Unit in located in San Fernando: San Fernando City (once called Pindangan, the place where the fish gets dried) is the capital and the financial, political and industrial center of La Union, north-west province of the island of Luzon. Located in a mountainous place and bounded by the South China Sea, la Union is also particularly exposed to the risk of typhoons and tsunamis: the Kito center for emergencies is located in the Barangay Sagayad, an evacuation area during natural disasters.

Kito Onlus is also present in San Francisco, in the Camotes Islands, with the project of a Kito Health Center; this medical center is destined to play an important role in San Francisco since the nearest hospital is in Cebu, accessible by a 3 hours naval journey. Before the construction of the medical center, Kito Onlus had already worked in the Camotes Islands with some projects belonging to the typology of Cash for Work, in order to help and involve the local population in works of public utility, after typhoon Haiyan and an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 had caused the destruction of schools, houses and crops in 2013. Finally, 2 construction trainings were held in San Francisco: the typhoon-prone construction training in the Barangay Esperanza, and the Building back better principle training in Barangay Santiago.

In both San Fernando La Union and in San Francisco “Health, Hygiene and Prevention” trainings were held between 2014 and 2016, which dealt with topics such as: health, prevention, hygiene, nutrition, family planning, livelihood, business development and management, social services, family and child safety measures in post-emergency.

Finally, Kito Onlus is working in Pinamalayan with the project of reconstruction of 3 classrooms of the Banilad Elementary School. Pinamalayan is located in Oriental Mindoro and its name derives from Pinagpalayan, referring to the fact that the place was once a vast area planted to rice; a more interesting version of the story tells that the name comes from Ipinamalay na, that means “It has been made known to us”: its first settlers, who lost their bearing amidst a turbulent sea, where guided by a rainbow towards safety and to a place where they discovered abundant resources for livelihood. Pinamalayan occupies a central position in the province and presents a well planned urbanization – the best in Oriental Mindoro – an intra-regional Transport, high agricultural potentials and high percentage of available labor force: all these things make Pinamalayan a good place for the implementation of sustainable development strategies. However, this promising center of development has been severely affected by typhoon Nona (Melor)  in December 2015, which caused damages to the infrastructures and to the agricultural sector, and this is why Kito Onlus decided to concentrate its efforts in this area as well.

Last modified: 05/10/2016