Liliana completed her internship in San Francisco (Camotes Islands), in the Philippines, where Kito Onlus carried out its project “Health, Hygiene and Prevention Trainings”.
As field assistant, Liliana monitored and coordinated the project, collaborating with the local staff and the Disaster Risk Reduction Office and Rural Health Centre.
I worked in direct contact with the beneficiaries of the project and I had the chance to take a closer look at their needs. In addition to that, the project manager Monique Piquero guided me with her professionalism but also in a spirit of friendship. This internship has been an extremely fruitful and formative experience!” Liliana tells us when visiting the headquarter for a briefing.

The “Health, Hygiene and Prevention Trainings” is intended to provide notions and practical knowledge on health and hygiene issues in everyday life and in case of emergency.
In fact, Filipino population is one of the most vulnerable to hazards. For this reason, Kito Onlus wants to increase preparedness and resilience, the ability to resist, absorb, accommodate to and recover from the effects of a hazard in a timely and efficient manner.

Kito Onlus is implementing its work on the field and can now keep the promise made to the population of Tulang Diot (Municipality of San Francisco) realising the health centre the local population needs, being the closest hospital in Cebu, 3-5hours away from San Francisco.
We are happy to inform you that thanks to our donors, the Kito Health Centre will provide very soon free medical assistance! We will keep you updated!

Tags: Last modified: 21/09/2015