60% of Mindoro Island is inhabited by indigenous people. Mangyan is the general term to refer to the eight indigenous tribes present on the island: the Mangyan population in the Philippines is over 100.000.

MangyanChildrenGroup01-mediumPeople of these indigenous tribes are extremely impoverished and live in condition of strong social marginalization, further aggravated after they have been pushed away from their ancestral lands and excluded by agricultural activities. Many of them resort to do daily labour work, others stay in the streets begging or involved in informal economic activities.

Kito Onlus is active on the Island of Mindoro to improve the conditions of education and hygiene of children and consequently of their families, creating equal opportunities for everyone in the community and including also indigenous people. Since they form the largest quota of the island’s population, improving the condition of their rights and their inclusion in the society is fundamental.
Banilad childrenIn order to achieve this goal, Kito Onlus now is working on a project aimed at building latrines and lavatories in 13 Minority Elementary Schools spread in various zones in Mindoro Island. Through the use of these facilities, indeed, the aim is to improve the basic hygienic conditions of children, 2.145 direct beneficiaries, and  the health status of their families and communities, 15.500 indirect beneficiaries.


Last modified: 28/12/2019