Kito Onlus’ mission is to improve quality of those living in the territories within which it operates.

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To achieve this goal, our philosophy is to use as much funds as possible in the field, not forgetting to benefit as many beneficiaries as possible in the processes we bring about.


According to the data gathered by our local staff, our mission has been successful! In fact, we have provided health-care assistance to more than 16,000 direct beneficiaries through our Kito Health Unit and Health, Hygiene and Prevention trainings in San Fernando La Union and in San Francisco- Camotes Islands. The services provided have mainly been nutrition, medical and dental cares, and immunization, but the biggest category was general cares.

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Taking into account what has been sustained with these funds, we can state that with about 0,6 €/direct beneficiary we have developed important projects of great impact on both the living conditions of the populations in which we work and in the prevention of emergencies that annually hit the country where we work, the Philippines.

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Last modified: 25/01/2016