Yesterday, February 11th, Kito Onlus started a Health, Hygiene and Prevention training session for Casa Don Gallo’s residents in Padova. The house, which was occupied by Razzismo Stop in 2013, is one of the more active places working on the migrants’ emergency in the city today. In fact, about 70 migrants with residence permit are currently living in the structure, speaking different languages, coming from different countries, and worshipping different religions. Nonetheless, the home’s environment conditions are very precarious, since they do not have any access to electricity or hot water, and the drainage system just broke down.


In January, after they spent several cold months without heating, Architetti Senza Frontiere gifted 13 gas heaters. Kito Onlus wants to contribute as well in increasing the wellbeing in the house, by providing the training, of which a second part will take place on Wednesday 17th, from 4am to 5pm.

Yesterday we started with a debate on the holistic meaning of health, and then we talked about personal hygiene and the problem of parasites. More than 20 people of different age participated, whose birth countries are mainly Nigeria, Ghana and Togo. The environment revealed to be very participative, and we are looking for going on with the mission!

kito onlus_don gallo

Last modified: 11/02/2016