Kito Onlus’ Annual Report 2017 is available at this link, while you can also read a summary of the activities led during the year by clicking here.

With this article we would like to bring your attention to the way funds were collected and resources allocated by Kito Onlus during the year, believing that this is something that contributes to the evaluation of the activities of an organization.

In 2017 30,812€ were collected: the majority comes from public institutions, while the 28%, represent the contribution of those who supperted Kito Onlus through crowdfunding, participation to events, 5×1000 and private donations. This is a proof that the work of the organization is valid and worthy of trust and we are absolutely grateful for the amount of support and trust we receive.

What makes us particularly proud this year is the efficiency in the allocation of resources.


As the graphic above shows, in 2017 the 87% of funds was invested in projects on the field: the Kito-Health Unit in San Fernando la Union and the Health Center in San Francisco could carry on their programmes of sanitary assistance and the reconstruction works at the Banilad school could progress well. The high percentage of contributions given to support these activities, higher in comparison to the one of 2016 (80%), means that the commitment of Kito Onlus is completely devoted to the wellbeing of the 24,000 direct beneficiaries of its projects. A commitment that Kito Onlus aims to keep in the future, by promoting programmes of prevention and response to emergencies.



Last modified: 28/12/2019